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Brief info

Austin Osazuwa is the Pastor of The Fruitful Vine Parish of RCCG in Leiden. He is married to Beatrice, together they are blessed with three kids (Nehi, Efehi and Owen).

In 1995, Austin gave his life to God and thereafter got baptised in Water and in the Holy Spirit at the Assemblies of God Church Benin City in Nigeria. His desire for spiritual growth and close mentorship led him to join God’s family Bible Church in Benin City, Nigeria where he served as a youth leader and later was ordained an evangelist by the mission in the year 2001.

At the age of 21, Austin had a vision where he saw himself being elevated into an open field filled with western people and beautiful ancient buildings similar to those seen in Leiden. The vision became so real and overwhelming that he was unable to put it out of his mind. Several years later, he was inspired by the vision to migrate to Europe, trusting that the call was from above.

At the age of 26, Austin migrated to the Netherlands. Although he went through severe challenges and low times, with the help of God and the inspiration of the early vision, he maintained focus and faith to thrive above all limitations.

Having earned a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Master’s degree in Construction Project Management, He has since worked for several Dutch companies across Europe and Middle East. Austin’s quest for knowing God and applying the gospel in context led him to studying Theology of Migration at the Vrije University of Amsterdam.

His passion is to inspire and support people to live and thrive above limitations.
Based on Isaiah 58:12 which is very personal to him, Austin believes he is called to inspire “Hope” in people to Rebuild, Repair, Restore and Raise through the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Our parish is inspired by the word of God in Genesis 49:22; “Joseph is a fruitful vine, a fruitful vine near a spring, whose branches climb over a wall. Pst Austin believes the Parish in Leiden is called out to thrive above the limitations and extend the value of the gospel to the Netherlands.

He is passionate and willing to meet you soon!

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